Video: Minneapolis police officer stands by as handcuffed man is punched in the face

video man punched by security guard

The Minneapolis Police Department is taking some flack for a video that was posted on Facebook this past weekend. In the video, a Minneapolis police officer is seen hovering over a handcuffed man lying face down on the pavement while a larger bouncer wearing a security uniform leans down and slugs the handcuffed man several times in the face before getting up and walking away.

The incident occurred outside of Augie’s Bourbon Street Cabaret, a downtown Minneapolis club. Since being shared on Facebook by user Conquiesha Graham, the video has over 22,000 views and been shared over 600 times.

Minneapolis PD confirmed that police were called to the area about a security guard being assaulted.

MPD spokesman Corey Schmidt has stated, “While in custody, this suspect was assaulted by another adult male. It appears that an officer was near the second incident and was in the process of activating his body camera and speaking into his shoulder microphone at the time it occurred.”

The handcuffed man in the video, David Mitchell, was cited for misdemeanor 5th degree assault, and was released on site after treatment from medics.

Mitchell has reported the assault and the case is under investigation while The Office of Police Conduct Review looks into it.

Watch the video below:

😱 downtown at augies last night!

Posted by Conquiesha Graham on Sunday, August 13, 2017


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