You + Me = Us: Minnesota Partnerships

Photo by Susan Yin @syinq

Interested in sustainability? Do you have an idea that could change your community through clean energy or improve our food systems? If so, Regional Sustainability Development Partnership (RSDP) may be your golden ticket -sadly, not to Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory; that’d be pretty stellar- but it could be your golden ticket to success.

Let’s get familiar with the program first: RSPD is composed of a statewide office, an extension from the University of Minnesota, and five partnerships working in Greater Minnesota working to create new solutions to solve statewide problems. Emphasis is placed on driving engagement and connecting Greater Minnesota communities to influence University knowledge and finance public projects in four main focus areas:

  • Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems
  • Sustainable Tourism & Resilient Communities
  • Clean Energy
  • Natural Resources

There are many projects within each focus mentioned. Begin by exploring these projects statewide or within a region to understand the use of current, and past events, and to garner information about the good this program does. You can then decide to participate in a workgroup within a specific focus, or start a project completely on your own.

The following are a few examples of the exciting happenings in the Central (Twin Cities) region:

If you’re available November 21st, 9am – 2pm, join Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships for their 20th Anniversary Statewide event held at 105 Cargill Building, St. Paul Campus. Contact if interested. You’ll hear from each of the RSDP Director and project stories from students.

Sounds amazing? Go to the RSDP website, find your region in the list on the left hand side, and download the Project Idea Briefs form to submit your project idea. It’s that simple.

You can also stay connected to RSDP here.