Twin Cities Halloween Attractions

Photographer credit: Ashley Berry Photography (via The Haunted Basement) Model credit: Gail Estelle (clown)

It’s bat time of year again, the most spook-able time of the year. Whether you’re a seasoned scare-junkie or simply want to visit a fun and festive hayride, Minnesota has you covered.

From almost every corner of the state, Minnesota has over 60 Halloween and Fall themed attractions located throughout. These do not include the other “really-haunted” places scattered around Minnesota (read our article on the subject here: Minnesota’s Haunted Places). provides a thorough overview of Halloween themed activities to partake in during this scary season. This is a great resource that provides an overview of frighteningly ghoulish attractions all the way to the not-so-scary family-fun outings including apple orchards and Tom’s Pumpkin Farm. MHH provides a user-friendly overview of each attraction on an interactive map. Viewers can break down what attractions are near them as well as researching each attraction which also provides links to their respected websites to read more information.

Within the site, there are sub-categories which are broken up into certain themes. Many of which do overlap depending on the attraction which may offer multiple experiences and activities. They have everything from haunted houses, mazes, and hayrides to zombie shootouts, spook walks, and even Halloween parades.

Visitors to the website are also able to rate and comment on attractions based on their experiences. This makes it easier to determine which attraction has the most appeal and popularity.

Aside from the yearning for a good scare, this is an excellent time of year which also offers an abundance of opportunities to get out and enjoy these festivities while embracing the changing weather and beautiful fall scenery.

The hardest decision is determining what attraction you want to experience. With so many options around the state, we might just have to do them all. Just remember to bring a change of underwear if you get too scared.

Are you trembling in fear yet?

Here is a scary list for popular Halloween attractions that are closer to the Twin Cities. Proceed if you dare.

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