How have we survived this long without KFC’s fried chicken bath bombs?


Today in “Things that don’t matter and probably shouldn’t exist,” we’re reporting on KFC’s new fried chicken-shaped-and-scented bath bombs.

They look like this:

The bath bombs are the result of a collaboration between Louisville, Kentucky-based Kentucky Fried Chicken and Japanese retailer Village Vanguard. We shouldn’t be surprised that this partnership comes out of the same country that did this with Minnesota power-product SPAM:

photo courtesy of

Quite possibly making Japan the creative-food capital of the entire world.

But this is also not the first time KFC has tried to force the savory, delicious smells of fried chicken upon us in new and interesting (and “But why?“-inducing) ways: They released chicken-scented sunscreen and candles back in 2016, and have made edible nail polish as well.

These bath bombs are apparently just the latest in the fast food company’s strange fusion campaign; a blend of scented relaxation and food porn.

For those who care (and can read Japanese):

And, for those who really care and want to get their hands on one of these bath bombs, we hooked you up: As there are only 100 available, and will only be available by raffle, you’ll have to retweet the tweet we just posted for you above with the following hashtags: #KFCのアノ香り and #秘伝のコンビパック to get one.

And you only have until November 15th of this year to do so.

Good luck, my fried chicken-loving friends.

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