Recipe of the Week: Quinoa with Edamame, Basil and Lime


Quinoa is been cultivated in South America for over 7,000 years. This ancient grain has all essential amino acids and proteins to sustain human life. I love it: It’s one of those foods that makes you feel healthy and energized when done devouring it. This is a fun summer recipe to add to any BBQ, group gathering, or healthier meal plan.

Quinoa with Edamame, Basil and Lime                               yield: 4 servings


2 cups quinoa, cooked in seasoned stock

½ red onion, small dice

½ cup shelled and cooked Edamame

½ cup jicama, peeled and small diced

¼ cup basil, chopped

1T grapeseed Oil

1ea lime, juiced

TT salt

TT black Pepper


Place cut red onion into a small bowl with a pinch of sugar, a pinch of salt, and half of the lime juice. Set aside for 30 minutes to macerate.

After 30 minutes have passed, place the rest of the ingredients into the bowl and fold together thoroughly.

Taste. Does it need salt? Does it need more lime? If so add a pinch of salt at a time and/or more lime juice until all the flavors come through. The dish should be vibrant, fresh and earthy.

Add lime juice and serve. Enjoy.

P.S. Add some orange or grapefruit segments at the end to class it up and impress.

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Saint Paul, MN, Brandon has immersed himself into being a local and sustainable advocate for delicious living. Working for the best Chef’s in the Twin Cities before becoming the Residence Chef at the Minnesota Governor’s Residence and personal Chef for the Zimmern family. Foraging, eating, parenting, writing, cycling, consulting, catering and hosting pop up dinners are what his free time entails.