Recipe of the Week: Boo’s Grilled Pork Loin

Photo courtesy of Shaun Liboon

I’ve been trying to pull this one together now for a few months. This is an old recipe from a restaurant in Minneapolis called Chez Bananas, where a friend of mine was one of the owners. He brought this pork loin to a memorial gathering we were having for a dear friend that passed away over the summer. This recipe is not my original, but it is simple and good and can be a ‘go-to’ recipe for a BBQ to remind of those warm summer nights.

Boo’s Rub                                                                Yield: 10 servings


5lb pork Loin, bone removed

1T black pepper

2t cayenne

2T chili powder

2T cumin

2T brown sugar

1T sugar

1T dried oregano

4T paprika

2T kosher salt

3T celery salt

3T garlic powder

+Butcher’s twine


Place all ingredients in a non-reactive mixing bowl and combine thoroughly.

Rub pork loin aggressively with Boo’s Rub. Let excess fall off and toss.

Truss pork loin so that the entire thing is an even thickness throughout. This will ensure even cooking throughout the entire roast.

Now let sit, uncovered at room temp, for 6-8 hours or refrigerated for 10-12 hours.

Preheat oven to 325F or a grill to about 300F

Cook pork loin, turning occasionally, on grill until it reaches medium or 130F internal temperature.

Let rest on baking sheet for 10-15mins before removing twine, slicing and serving.

Serving with a light and refreshing Napa Cabbage Slaw and go ham.


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