Around the world: An Underwater Restaurant in Norway


We’ve long enjoyed SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium at the Mall of America (though it will always be Underwater World to us – why does MOA insist on changing the names of all its greatest features? Wtf is a “Nickelodeon Universe?” We digress). Minnesota is a landlocked state, and being that close to the creatures of the deep sea is exciting.

Architecture firm Snøhetta has decided to do one better and build an underwater restaurant for an even more comprehensive sea life experience.

Here’s the Instagram post on the subject:

Guests will start off on land, at the “southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline, by the village of Båly,” then descend down into the restaurant to enjoy views of marine life in their natural habitat while dining on dishes that will ostensibly be comprised of much of that marine life.

Though the menu has not yet been released.

Called Under, the restaurant will seat 100 at a time and offer an 11-meter panoramic window to give viewers the most intimate views of the world beneath the shoreline. But it’s not just built to be a place to wine and dine: The concrete box will also be home to a marine research center, and will act as an artificial mussel reef as well.

Looks like SEA LIFE Aquarium is going to have to step its game up.

Wonder if they’ll serve lutefisk?

Check out the renderings of the building and restaurant below.