Prince lives on through new Pantone color collaboration


The Minneapolis music icon (yes, we still get to claim him as ours, even as the rest of the world misses him as well) might have passed away before anyone was ready.

But like all true legends, he will never truly disappear.

The Prince Estate is working with Pantone Color Institute, the very last word in color authority, to create a custom purple hue to truly capture the Artist’s essence and represent his continuing presence in the world of music, fashion, culture.


The specific shade of purple that is Love Symbol #2 comes from Prince’s custom purple piano, made by Yamaha, and will be the official color featured for the brand he left behind, now managed by the Prince Estate.

And it won’t stop there: The Estate is currently in discussions for other collaborations with various brands. This new, official shade of Prince purple should become very common, very soon.

For anyone who doesn’t know, purple officially became the color of Prince with the release of the film Purple Rain in 1984. The soundtrack, still as earworm fresh today as it was 30+ years ago, won the film an Academy Award and solidified Prince’s status as the Purple One.

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