New video game lounge coming to the heart of Dinkytown

New video game lounge coming to the heart of Dinkytown
Photo courtesy of MSP Business Journal

Left Click Loungeopening on the top 2 floors of the building directly between Tim Horton’s and The Refinery right in the heart of Dinkytown, will be a space dedicated entirely to gaming.

They anticipate having 40 PCs and several console games — the opening list of games is expected to include Overwatch, League of Legends, Warcraft 3, and several versions of the Nintendo classic, Super Smash Bros.

There are several other concepts that have popped up around the cities offering games, but most just use games as a way to sell their primary product: liquor.

Left Click Lounge, at least at this time, has no plans to acquire a liquor license. So, yes, that means a 3200 square foot space with the main source of revenue being video games. Day and month passes will be available for purchase to come and play games with other real live humans in the same room.

Game lounge follows recent trends

Being a former avid gamer myself, I find this to be quite the interesting concept.

The rise of online gaming hit so fast, that within the span of a few years, people went from playing Halo with 8 other friends in one room to playing Call of Duty alone in their bedroom with a microphone while talking to 30 people they have never met before.

It is convenient to be able to pop online and jump right into a game, but every time I get the opportunity to play Nintendo 64 with friends in person, it is just way more fun.

I am a firm believer that video games are social and that they go best when played with other humans in the same room. The founders of Left Click Lounge, Ryan Christianson and Alyssa Shoultz, clearly believe the same.

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