Great meals you can make on a budget, vol. 1


Super quick and easy, and under $5 per serving

Inspired by a delicious meal at Minneapolis’ own Brasa Premium Rotisserie, this meal on a budget is quick and easy to make, and quite tasty as well. For those who haven’t had a chance to experience Brasa, they specialize in high-quality meats and locally sourced ingredients using flavors of the Southern U.S., Caribbean, and Mexico. A must-try for meat and flavor enthusiasts.

Back to the dish at hand: The shopping list for this meal is short and it serves 4. You’ll just need to pick up 5 things at your go-to grocery store. The following items I picked up at Super Target:

2 Packages Spanish Style Rice (or your favorite rice variety) // $1.67 each  

1 Can of Black Beans (low-sodium for seasoning to your taste at home or any flavor of your choice) // $.84 each

1 Bottle of BBQ Sauce (you don’t need a whole lot, so you’ll definitely have plenty for other meals) // $2.19 each

1 Package Wolf Family Beef Brisket (this is just the meat, no other flavors or sauces added) // $9.99 each

Ok, let’s add this up! (2 x 1.67) + .84 + 2.19 + 9.99 = $16.36. There are 4 servings here, so $16.36 / 4 = $4.09 PER SERVING!

Now comes the super easy, super quick, ready-to-eat in less than 10-minute part. Everything here just needs to be heated up. To add a bit more flavor to the beans you can add your choice of seasonings and herbs. I added onion powder, chipotle powder, salt, and pepper to the black beans before I heated.

Once everything is hot, it’s ready to serve. Just pile up on a plate, top the beef brisket with BBQ sauce and you’re ready to chow down. I also topped the beans and rice with Cotija cheese, but that’s completely optional and you can use whatever cheese you have on hand.

The best part is this meal re-heats super well. So if you’re cooking for 2, you’ll both have a really easy meal to eat for lunch the next day. I just layer the rice, beans, and beef brisket in a glass container, top with the BBQ sauce and it’s ready to throw in the microwave the next day and tastes just as good as the night before!

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