Find your perfect holiday gift at the Minnesota Alumni Market


Preparing for the holidays is pressure enough: From making sure you haven’t ruined Grandma’s special family recipe, to the last minute scramble finding where you hid the ‘good towels’ you bring out only for guests, the last thing you want to worry about is battling shoppers for gifts. And finding that perfect present is never easy anyway. There is always that one relative that is just impossible to shop for, or you happened to draw Tracy’s name for the office gift exchange and you’ve only ever said an awkward ‘hello’ to each other passing in the hall. Whatever the case may be, the alumni at the University of Minnesota have created the perfect online market to help you find that one gift everyone will love.

(Online) market shopping

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association recently launched their first-ever alumni online store, called the Minnesota Alumni Market. This online market sells original products created by U of M alumni-owned businesses; you can buy products that range from home decor, kitchen and office goods, books, apparel, and exclusive product lines that are only available on the market. It’s a great resource for shoppers, as the store boasts a mix of both established, well-known businesses, like the Faribault Woolen Mill Co. as well as new startup businesses just entering the marketplace for an exclusive variety.

You most certainly don’t have to be a University of Minnesota graduate to shop, though all the businesses available on the market must be alumni of the U of M. The market was created to support and connect U of M alumni by helping build opportunities for success and growth after graduation. It provides a platform to help raise awareness about innovative and talented U of M alumni making it easy for customers to find and purchase their products.

Lisa Lewis, President and CEO of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association explains,

“The Alumni Market gives everyone who loves the U a way to support the work of alumni creators, provides an opportunity for established alumni entrepreneurs to extend their reach, and helps new alumni entrepreneurs launch their businesses.”

Currently, the market features 16 alumni. If you too are an entrepreneur that bleeds maroon and gold, the U of M Alumni Association is looking for more businesses to take part in the online market. You can read the stories of each of the 16 alumni, learn about their businesses, and shop their products by going to the Minnesota Alumni Market website. By shopping on the Minnesota Alumni Market, not only will you be supporting local Minnesota companies, but you’re sure to find that perfect, original holiday gift for even the most particular of people and a little something for yourself as well, stress-free.