‘Dragon Ball’ fans: There’s a café just for you in Osaka


A Chinese restaurant in Osaka, Japan, has converted into an all-Dragon Ball-everything café and diner. That means themed food and drink, and artwork and limited edition merchandise for sale.

Tokokuro, a restaurant in the Osaka prefecture of Osaka is letting the pop-up take over their space until January 31, which means there is only a month and a half to take part in this Dragon Ball geek-out extravaganza.

There have been Dragon Ball-themed pop-ups before in Japan, but never one as comprehensive, or dedicated as this; never one where fans can completely immerse themselves in the Dragon Ball dining experience.

Because that is now a thing.

(Pictures, information, follow along, etc: twitter.com/DBCafe_Diner)

But of course it is. Collaborations in Japan have redefined what blending food and culture can look like (never forget: How have we survived this long without KFC’s fried chicken bath bombs?), and can be for eager patrons.

The only problem for Minnesotans is that it is on the opposite side of the earth.

Every Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z fan knows that this show and its legacy cannot be defined by place, however. By borders or boundaries or 18-hour flights. If you’re looking to give yourself a stellar Christmas Present, or celebrate the start of 2018 in true weeb style, hop on a plane to Osaka and take part in this limited-time for-true-fans-only pop-up restaurant.