Bigos Mgmt wants to bring tiny apartments to Apple Valley

Bigos small apartments coming to Apple Valley

Tiny apartments have been springing up left and right, but up until this time, they have mostly been constrained to more urban areas. That may be changing, as Bigos Management is looking to bring tiny living spaces to the suburb of Apple Valley.

The company is looking to bring an apartment complex consisting of 2 buildings and 239 units near Kelley Park in Apple Valley.

The kicker is that they intend to build 50 units into the buildings that have less than 580 square feet. First reported by the Biz Journal, some spaces will even get down to just 434 square feet.

As always, there are many opposing the development proposal citing the fact that it will bring unwanted extra traffic to the area, as well as additional crime.

This wave of micro apartments being developed is due to an increased demand from those looking for affordable living spaces that are conveniently located and that provideĀ upgraded common/social areas. This continues to show the trend of how the young professionals are choosing to live with less space, keeping more in their pockets for social activities.

Personally, IĀ think the trend has merit. Our lives are getting busier and we are spending less and less of it at home. By shrinking down living areas, putting people closer together, yet allowing tenants to live independently in their own spaces — it allows people to be more flexible at a stage in their lives when they are not willing to plant roots in a more permanent way.

Will it present some difficulties that will need to be overcome? Most likely. But if the demand is there (and it is — just reference the other Bigos Apple Valley apartment building’s 50 person waiting list for 1-bedroom spaces), developers will find a way to get the spaces built.