Twin Cities events for the dog lovers — And yes, you’ll get to pet puppies

Puppies make everything okay. Including winter.

You know what will help you get through the long, bitter cold winter? Puppies.

Honestly, I’d say any time of the year is definitely the proper time for a fluffy, squishable puppy. But if you’re ready for a little extra warm cuddle and jolt of pure happiness to melt your heart, there are a few events you will not want to miss. Especially if, like me, your home is woefully lacking in puppies.

Events for the Animal Lovers

Yoga With Puppies

Twin Cities events for the dog lovers — And yes, you'll get to pet puppies

The best way to get me to exercise? Include puppies of course. I’d say combining adorable animals and exercise is quite an effective motivator for most people to get off the couch. You’ve probably heard of goat yoga, llama yoga, and several other animal yoga amalgamations — but yoga with dogs seems the most fitting. They don’t call it ‘downward dog’ for nothing.

Midwest Animal Rescue & Services is hosting Puppy Yoga classes at their Brooklyn Park location. So far, each event features a different dog breed to encourage you along as you attempt to twist your limbs into the proper pose. Their last event had you working out with beagle puppies, but not to worry, their next event, ChiWeenie Puppy Yoga, invites you to join them for yoga with seven tiny, adorable Chihuahua/Doxie puppies.

All ages are welcome — just bring your mat, water bottle, and $20 for a relaxing, joyful, and puppy-filled yoga session.

Valentine’s Day Puppy Cuddle

Twin Cities events for the dog lovers — And yes, you'll get to pet puppies

No matter what the status of your love life is, this event will guarantee that this Valentine’s Day will not be completely terrible. On February 14 head over to the Minneapolis Visitor Center on Nicollet Mall for a much-needed and well-deserved puppy cuddle. Midwest Animal Rescue & Services and Meet Minneapolis host this event and will fill a room with a litter of puppies ready to give you some unconditional puppy love.

You’ll get to hold and pet and smoosh the puppies to your heart’s desire. It’s only $5 and there’s no sign up — simply show up ready for some puppy kisses. So instead of the standard flowers and chocolate, give the gift of puppy cuddles. It’s so much better.

John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

Twin Cities events for the dog lovers — And yes, you'll get to pet puppies

Get ready for all the dog action. A world-class dog sled race, the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon is the longest and most challenging race south of Canada and is a qualifier for the famed Iditarod race in Alaska. Over 60 mushers and dog sled teams will compete in this nearly 400 mile race as they navigate through rough northern Minnesota terrain including passing through the rugged Sawtooth mountains of the North Shore.

Along with watching the race, the marathon is jam-packed with events that include a Cutest Puppy Contest, Bloody Mary’s, beer tents, tasty food, bonfires, and of course, the chance to meet the mushers and their incredible dogs.

The event is a huge party and well worth the trip up to Duluth. However, if you don’t have the chance to make it up there to watch the race in person, the event will be streaming live on their website so you can still follow the action and pick your favorite pup. (It’ll be a hard choice — they’re all adorable.)

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