Watch: Non-Minnesotans discover the Jucy Lucy


The Jucy Lucy. The Juicy without the “i” that somehow, with the cheese melting, bubbling in the middle, is that much better than a burger with cheese melting, bubbling on top. It was a star at the Super Bowl. It’s been called a quintessential Minnesota food.

The rivalry is strong between Matt’s Bar and 5-8 Club (where it’s spelled correctly) over who first created it, but President Obama threw his weight behind Matt’s when he went there to enjoy one in 2014.

A POTUS co-sign is pretty convincing.

And, for what it’s worth, Food Network visited Matt’s Bar as well for their coverage.

But no matter on which side of the debate you fall, there there is no shortage of Jucy Lucys to be found in Minnesota: Burger joints all across the state have made variations of their own. Now the secret is out (again, that POTUS co-sign. And the Super Bowl, bringing national attention to Minnesota eats) and, righteously, NBC Sports decided to make a video about it. Click to watch their video on the Minnesota Jucy (Juicy) Lucy above.

In The Know, the AOL-fueled news, media, something-or-other Facebook community also felt compelled to make a Lucy video, and they were well ahead of the game: Their video was published last spring, long before the Super Bowl. Watch their version below:

Who better captured Minnesota’s burger soul? We’re just happy to be known for something other than State Fair fried food-on-a-stick.

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