Steve Jobs’ job application shows a normal guy, pre-Apple


And now it’s worth $50,000 (or more). Not so normal, after all.

But the job application for an unidentified position, written while Jobs was still and English Lit major at Reed College, shows that he was, at one point, at least, at age 18, just like any one of us: Looking for work, uncertain about his future, and prone to making mistakes where mistakes shouldn’t be made.

Steve Jobs’ job application, 1973, RR Auction

He clearly didn’t feel a need to fill out his employment history.

And, apparently, he didn’t even have a phone.

The application, from 1973, is now up for auction at RR Auction Company, and will likely fetch a hefty sum. If that’s too steep, it’s not the only Steve Jobs-related item listed as part of The Pop Culture Auction. Other items available for bid include a signed newspaper clipping detailing a “New, faster iphone” that will “sell for $199” (those were the days) with an estimated worth of $15,000, and a signed Mac OS X technical manual from 2001, estimated at $25,000.

Signed newspaper clipping, 2008, RR Auction

The bidding will open March 8, and close March 15. For more information, or if you’re interested in registering to bid for one or more of these proud pieces of American tech history, visit RR Auction’s website.