Skip the IKEA assembly line, create truly original pieces with PIP


You’re probably familiar with the oh-so-very scientific IKEA relationship litmus test. The theory goes like this: If you’re able to wind your way through the entire maze of the behemoth store, pick out a piece of furniture, manage to fit it in your car, and then through some miracle assemble the entire piece without killing your significant other, friend, and/or family member, well, congratulations, your relationship is going to last.

Instead of potentially ripping your relationships apart, you can head on over to PIP: You’ll get your fill of DIY projects, and build and create your own original pieces for your home, without the added maelstrom of anger.

PIP, short for Projects In Person, wants to prove to you that without any experience you can create something that’s beautiful, completely yours, and something you’ll use for years to come (unlike the rather unfortunate-looking painting I tipsily mish-mashed together at a wine and painting class…)

PIP provides the ultimate DIY experience and hosts workshops at their venue in downtown Hopkins. Refurbished from an actual old 20th century saloon and shooting range, you’ll walk into PIP and immediately feel the urge to whip out some tools and build something.

You’ll be surprised at what you’re actually capable of building. The workshops vary from creating home decor like framed wooden signs and picture boards to coffee tables, cutting boards, and clocks. Other classes teach you how to build wooden consoles, wooden and copper ladders, bean bag toss boards, a chalkboard key and coat hanger, beautiful serving trays, and more. Simply pick which workshop speaks to you and you’ll walk out of class with not only a truly unique piece but with some newfound carpentry skills.

And you won’t just be working with a hammer and nails. Depending on the project you’ll soon be a pro at operating a miter saw, power drill, brad nailer, and an orbital sander. Kinda awesome.

photo by Andrew Ruiz

Granted, while you might be having brief flashbacks to your 7th grade woodshop class, trying to avoid slicing off a finger with a bandsaw, you’re not to worry as the PIP instructors make sure you feel safe and comfortable handling all equipment. Along with safety equipment like goggles and a heavy apron, the instructors provide clear step-by-step instruction and are there to help with anything you need.

The classes are adults only and at the moment PIP is working on a liquor license for that extra element of excitement and danger as you build your exquisite pieces. Great for a date night or an evening out with friends, PIP also holds special events like Date Night, DIY Crash Course, Parent Date Night, and more.

So now you have a place to go where you can skip all the IKEA madness and still come home together happy and well-furnished. And frankly, if you and your significant other can get through a DIY class while handling potentially sharp and dangerous tools, I think you have a bright future ahead of you.

You can check out the PIP website for their specific calendar of events and different workshops that will awaken your inner DIYer.