Where to find the best pies for your Thanksgiving dinner

Where to get the best pies for your Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is only days away. The holiday definitely snuck up on me and if you’re also in a scramble to make sure you get all the goodies on the table, let some of the best bakeries around the Twin Cities take care of your dessert so you can worry about one less dish. Plus, whatever else happens during the meal you’ll be sure to end your dinner on a high note as these Thanksgiving desserts are guaranteed to be absolutely delicious and keep your friends and family happy.

Let the food coma begin.

The very best Thanksgiving pies

Turtle Bread Bakery

Serving up fantastic breads, pastries, and so many desserts, you’ll be able to find a dessert to please everyone. For Thanksgiving you can go with the traditional seasonal pies like Pumpkin, Bourbon Pecan, Pear Cranberry, and Apple, or you can go rogue and order one of their other delicious pies like Raspberry, Chocolate Cream, and Key Lime. And if you’re feeling trendy or perhaps would like a feeble attempt at portion control, instead of a whole pie go with individual Pumpkin Bars for each of your guests. They will not be disappointed.

The Lynhall

The pies at The Lynhall are so beautifully baked and decorated you almost don’t want to eat them. Almost. Get your Thanksgiving orders in quick and choose from a not-so-traditional Pumpkin Pie made with vanilla bean and cinnamon, topped with toasted meringue, cranberry cheesecake, and candied pepitas or pick their Pecan Pie made with chocolate chip espresso, a dark chocolate crust, and garnished with coffee whipped cream, chocolate espresso beans, and chocolate curls. Yes please. The Lynhall is also offering an Apple Cider Pie, Quiche, and dinner rolls for your decadent Thanksgiving meal.

Where to get the best pies for your Thanksgiving dinner
Pumpkin Pie, photo courtesy of The Lynhall

Keys Cafe

With locations all around the cities, Keys Cafe will be one of the most convenient places to grab your Thanksgiving dessert. You can choose from a dozen different pies that include the traditional Pumpkin, Pecan, and Apple, or pick a dark horse and go for the Banana Cream, French Silk, and Strawberry Rhubarb. And if at this point you’re beginning to feel too overwhelmed to make the rest of your Thanksgiving meal, you can pick up a complete Family Style Turkey Dinner and have your Thanksgiving feast ready to go.

The Buttered Tin

For all the procrastinators out there, The Buttered Tin has your back. While they are no longer taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving, they will be open on Wednesday, November 21 until 3pm with extra pies for sale. You’ll want to come early for the best selection. Luckily, all of their pies are delicious. So even if you don’t snag a classic Pumpkin or Pecan, The Buttered Tin also makes incredible Cherry Pie, Chocolate Pudding Pie, Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, and more.

Where to get the best pies for your Thanksgiving dinner
Pecan Pie, photo courtesy of The Buttered Tin

Patrick’s Bakery and Cafe

Patrick’s is offering a multitude of sweets for Turkey Day. You can choose between a Cranberry Meringue, Patrick’s own specialty Pumpkin Pie, a Traditional Pumpkin Pie, Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie, or an Apple Streusel. And if you’d rather go a more creative route, Patrick’s is also selling Glazed Butter Cookies that are colorfully decorated and in the shape of fall leaves and turkeys. Patrick’s has three locations in Maple Grove, Edina, and Richfield for you to head out and pick up your delicious desserts.

Yes to all of these bakeries – no comment on the extra calories.

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