Game Night: Adults-Only Edition


There’s nothing quite like good old-fashioned gaming. I don’t just mean playing Atari or a round of Mario Kart for Super Nintendo. No, I mean sitting down with the people you love for a night of classic board games.

Something magical happens when you gather with your friends and/or family to play a friendly competitive game, unsure if your evening will stay pleasant or end with someone flipping over the board – certainly that’s half the fun.

Games as such have been making a comeback with the popularity of establishments like Up-Down and Punch Bowl Social. And while these gaming bars do provide endless entertainment, sometimes you’d rather not put on proper pants or head out on the town (ahem – snowstorms in April?). Why leave the house when you can have a good game night in your own living room for far less money; where sweatpants are considered appropriate attire, and getting dolled up is strictly optional

(Plus, being at home you can be as loud and exuberant as you like flailing around wildly without judgement or weary glances.)

The games I’ve gathered for you are not your standard Monopoly or Risk. Rather I’ve found some highly entertaining board games geared toward the adult crowd only. Note how I say the adult crowd, and not necessarily the mature crowd, as maturity has nothing to do with these games. Especially if you decide to pair the games with an adult beverage as well…

Joking Hazard

Reminiscent of Apples to Apples, Joking Hazard takes it to the next level: Based off of the self-proclaimed offensive webcomic Cyanide & Happiness, this game allows you to compete with your friends to finish a hilariously outrageous three-panel comic using a deck of cards. Each player puts down their choice of card to finish the comic. A chosen judge will then determine the most awful and funny card. Whoever has the most chosen cards at the end wins.

Hearing Things

I am simply the worst at this game, as I can’t read lips to save my life. And, well, that is the entire premise of this frustratingly ridiculous game: One player wears headphones that play distracting music and sounds to drown out the other player who is attempting to mouth out a phrase on a card for the other to guess. If they guess correctly, they get the card and whoever has the most cards in the end wins! But be aware – some raunchy guesses can, and do, occur.

Disturbed Friends

You’ll quickly learn the level of depravity of your friends’ group when you sit down to play Disturbed Friends (if the name is any indication). To play this game, you read a disturbing and unethical scenario off a card and your friends will have to vote on what you would choose to do in this situation. Whoever collects the most #Winning cards, wins. These horrible scenarios are definitely for adults only and are certainly #NSFW.

Taboo Midnight

This is your standard Taboo fun, but with adult-rated themes. Try to have your team guess the word on your card, without saying any of the forbidden words. If you do, the other team will buzz you and you’ll lose your turn. As it says on the box, this will definitely be ‘unspeakable late night fun.’

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

This is another game that will certainly cut right to the heart of your friendships. It works well with new friends, but even better if you have some dirt on your buddies. To play Drunk Stoned or Stupid, you draw a card and everyone must decide who in the group fits the card’s description best, or who is the most likely to find themselves in that scenario. The judge will give the final ruling on who should get the card. Whoever reaches seven cards first, loses. And, frankly, there are no winners in this game.

Cards Against Humanity

No list would be complete without a mention of Cards Against Humanity. You’re most likely already familiar with this game, but if you’re not, the rules are simple: Gather together your most awkward and debauched friends. One will ask a question from one of the black cards, and the rest of the grup must answer with their funniest white card. Oh, and yes, the questions and answers are all delightfully horrible.

These games will be sure to bring out both the best and worst in your friends and family. Either way, you are guaranteed to a fun, chaotic, and memorable night.