Come cuddle with cats at Minnesota’s first cat cafe: The Cafe Meow

courtesy of The Cafe Meow

Yes, it’s true: Minnesota now has a cat cafe. After four long (haired) years in the making, The Cafe Meow has finally united cats and coffee to bring you one of the most fluffy and adorable coffee shop experiences in the Twin Cities.

Shut off the cat videos, and enjoy all of the lovable kitty antics in real-time.

Owners Jessica Burge and Danielle Rasmussen took the widely-popular cat cafe concept from Japan and made it into a reality, setting up shop in Uptown, Minneapolis. Before you get too concerned about finding a hairball in your coffee, Cafe Meow is divided into two separate areas (unlike its Japanese counterparts where the cats have free reign): The cafe, and the cat lounge.

The cat lounge, as the name implies, is paradise for cats and cat-lovers alike: Full of toys, cozy napping nooks, and climbing areas, you can play and interact with the cats while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or something sweet from the case. (Though do be forewarned: If you bring your drink into the cat lounge, you’re going to want to hold it tight. As the cat videos have taught us, even the sweetest of felines will more-than-likely try to tip it over).

But, even if you do lose your latte, it’ll be hard to stay mad at the adorable culprits.

courtesy of The Cafe Meow

All of the cats in the lounge are rescues, and up for adoption, as The Cafe Meow has partnered with local rescues No Kitten Left Behind, Pet Project Rescue, Animal Ark, Ruff Start Rescue, and Minnesota Animal Rescue. The Cafe Meow is hoping that by snuggling and playing with the cats, the patrons not only have a delightful time, but may also make a real connection and consider giving one of the cats a forever home and adopt.

And the cafe is already working its magic: On the day of the grand opening last month, White Sox the cat found himself a permanent home when customers Joe and Cameron created a special bond with him and decided to adopt White Sox straight away. The cat cafe is the perfect way to interact and get to know each cats’ personality to see if they may be a right fit for you.

You can, of course, simply go for the cuddles and coffee without intending to adopt.

courtesy of The Cafe Meow

While the cats are the obvious stars of The Cafe Meow, you’ll also want to spend a little time on the cafe side: Local businesses like Bootstrap Coffee Roasters, The Northern Lights Tea Company, My Sister’s Sweets, and Fox Cakes have partnered with the cafe to fill you with delicious coffee and tasty pastries.

But before you stampede out the door and head to Uptown shouting “Kitties!” you’ll want to make a reservation on their website to secure a spot in the cat lounge. It’s $10/hr to play with the little fluff balls and, while walk-ins are welcome, you won’t be guaranteed a time slot in the lounge.

There are also just a few basic rules to follow once you finally make it inside: Before you’ll be allowed to handle any of the cats, you’ll be asked to use hand sanitizer, and you’ll need to ask a staff member to pick up a cat for you. Be aware that minor cat-induced scratches may occur. Staff members will be on hand to help or answer questions you might have. 

courtesy of The Cafe Meow

The Cafe Meow is the cat-lovers, and well, animal-lovers in general, dream come true. Cats and coffee together? What a purrfect combo (you know we had to drop at least one cat pun).