Books to help jumpstart your 2018


With the New Year come the resolutions. Many (if not most) of us can admit to wanting/needing a little inspirational motivation, transformational advice, and/or life-hacking secrets to help us reach our 2018 #goals.

As the excitement of the holidays becomes a distant memory, I try to enjoy the rest of winter doing as much relaxing as possible (while still getting in my New Year–New Me workouts, of course). Winter might be keeping us indoors, but come warmer months we all turn into busy bees. I like to look at these frigid cold months as a great opportunity to tackle all things indoors: DIY projects, new recipes, and, drum roll please, book reading.

Here are a few to get you started:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

This is a great read for someone/anyone who struggles with self-doubt. As humans, most of us have a constant battle within our brains. Being anxious is often the result of this. You feel anxious about something, and then you feel even more anxious about feeling anxious. And then you’re anxious about that because you have a test/meeting/trip tomorrow and you need to get some sleep. Make sense? Yeah, it’s exhausting.

Mark Manson offers great insight from a life of living and learning. The book offers readers tips and ticks to integrate into their own day-to-day, like how to understand what is worth worrying about to allow a greater focus on the things that matter, and less about the things that don’t. This book has helped to change my overall perspective on handling life’s toughest, and not-so-tough-but-they-feel-like-it situations.

You Are A Badass

This is the perfect accessory to the book listed above: It’s a great book for when you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up; a reminder that you are, indeed, a badass. Jen Sincero’s words motivate, without becoming preachy or pretentious, and have inspired many to be a best version of themselves (which is something I personally work on all year round). Plus, could the title be anymore true? You rock.


To all the ladies: Do I even need to explain?

This book, for obvious reasons (like being a female, say) has been empowering to read. Amoruso motivates us as women to continuously chase after our goals and be the “girl boss” that we we know we are by being/staying confident and taking control of, and being responsible for, our own happiness and success.

Plus, Amoruso’s story of the rise of Nasty Gal, and multi million dollar fashion empire, will have you laughing, crying, and cheering along the way.

Bonus: The book was recently turned into a show of the same name, now available on Netflix.

The Total Money Makeover

I received this book as a gift, right after I finished college, to help me in my development of good money habits. Money is a huge factor in life (whether we want it to be or not) and Dave Ramsey offers great insight to help you navigate your financial situations, from debt to retirement savings. It’s simple, honest, and straightforward. Honestly, check this out: It’s a best seller on Amazon for a reason (I assume especially among those recently-graduated saddled with student loan payments…).

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

The author, Elizabeth Gilbert, offers advice on how to tackle any/every obstacle that might be getting in your way. How can you do what you love most? Live more passionately and creatively, of course.

Do you feel like you’re not a creative person? Don’t let this book turn you away: This book is more about challenging you to live your life more passionately in order to find true happiness, no matter what capacity that might be in. She details how to add creativity to your day-to-day schedule, to help in everything you do, even (especially) if you don’t believe you have it yourself. This is an inspiring read for anyone with a goal, a dream, or a passion in life.

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