9th Annual Winter Beer Dabbler

Photo by David Beale, @davidbeale

Double up on the socks, throw on a hat and pair of mittens, and get ready for (yet another) outdoor festival and celebration this winter.

And for a good reason: Beer, beer, and (at least) one more beer.

Minnesota’s largest outdoor beer festival, the annual Winter Beer Dabbler returns for the 9th consecutive year Saturday, February 24, 2018. Held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds from 2:30 – 6:30 PM, Minnesota (and those from out-of-state; the Super Bowl proved we don’t discriminate) beer enthusiasts will get an opportunity to sample more than 500 of the nation’s best craft beers, from over 160 different draft breweries.

There will, of course, be more than just beer (even if that is the reason to go).

Food: With drinking comes hunger. Good news: There will be food trucks and concession stands, open in the Warner Coliseum, serving up tasty eats. Be sure to try out the free meat and cheese samples at the Lunds&Byerlys Meat and Cheese Showcase, included in your admission fee.

Entertainment: Warm up by getting down with live music featuring DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip, McNasty Brass Band, and deM atlaS, and a Silent Disco, all held in the Mighty Midway.

Back for the second year, the American Brewer Warrior Competition will be held from 2:30-6 PM. Attendees will get the chance to cheer on their favorite breweries as they compete in the American Brewer Warrior, an obstacle course with various (beer-related, and some just fun) challenges.

Challenge other Dabblers in games like Powerball Bowling and Beer Pong all available for all attendees. 

Homebrew Contest: Included in your ticket, each attendee will be allowed to submit one (just one) of their besthome brews to the contest. Who knows? Maybe you have the recipe for the next big brew. 

Things to know:

Tickets to this event are available online ($45), and at the gate day-of ($55).

*Drink responsibly: Attendees are allowed to bring in sealed or empty water bottles to help stay hydrated.

** Traveling safely for this event is a must: Plan ahead for your mode of (safe) transportation, whether it be bus, shuttle, taxi, Uber/Lyft, or a (willing) sober friend (with a huge “thank you” to that friend, later). Bonus: Sober friends can still join in the fun, as discounted Designated Driver tickets are available for purchase as well.

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