7 Minnesota Halloween parties and events to get your scare on

photo courtesy of Zombie Pub Crawl

With dozens of events happening around the state, from good ol’ fashioned pub crawls and all-night parties showing off clever costumes, pop culture references, and horror throwbacks, to terrifying haunted houses, ghost tours and hayrides, it’ll be easy to find an event that’s a perfect scare for you and your crew.

Whether you’re looking for something especially spooky, or something a little less traumatizing, is completely up to you. But, honestly, as the weather continues to cool, the tricky part is finding a costume that works well with a winter coat… you can only pull off the Michelin Man so many times.

Here are some of Minnesota’s most popular Halloween events for 2018.

1. Haunted Basement

Formerly known as the Soap Factory, the Haunted Basement’s terrifying reputation precedes itself. Filled with psychological horrors, you’ll make your way down into the damp, dark, and musty basement where you’ll encounter all sorts of terrors. Be warned, you will get dirty, there may be projectile liquids, you might have to crawl, you might get trapped and separated from your group, and yes, the actors will touch you. You know it’ll be spine-chilling when you’re required to sign a waiver and show ID before you enter the basement. But, if the experience does become too intense just say “Uncle” and they’ll escort you out no problem.

2. Trail of Terror

If you’re into having creepy clowns and terrifying zombies chase you through dark woods, well, you’re going to love the Trail of Terror. The Trail of Terror will test your nerves as you anxiously follow the path not knowing exactly what will be around the next corner. However, if it helps at all, the actors are not allowed to touch you or be physical in any way. It also might help to know there are three bars on sight that can help summon a bit of courage. You can also participate in the Maze of Mayhem comprised of 25 horrifying rooms or go on the Black Out Bar Crawl for a guided beer tasting where they promise you’ll be squealing with fear.

3. Hocus Pocus Bar Crawl

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to dress up as one of your favorite Sanderson sisters? For this Hocus Pocus Bar Crawl you pick a team: Sarah Sanderson, Winifred Sanderson, Mary Sanderson, or Thackery Binx and head out to the bars starting off at The Pourhouse before making your way to The Saloon, Union Rooftop, Seven Steakhouse Sushi & Rooftop, and Mercy. There will be surprises at each location along with karaoke, drag performances, Hocus Pocus trivia, and rooftop dance parties.

4. Zombie Pub Crawl

Join the undead as thousands of zombies crawl and limp their way through the streets of Minneapolis. Get into costume – the gorier the better – and prepare yourself for an amazing night with three stages of live music and entertainment, food trucks, World Brain-Eating Championships, carnival rides and games, dancing, bar crawls, and more. Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Largest Gathering of Zombies” this is one event you want to cross off your bucket list before you actually join the realm of the undead.

5. 3 Level Halloween Party at Union Rooftop

Back again hosting their annual Halloween party, all three levels of Union Bar will be decked out for the night’s theme: Nightmare on Union Street. So whether you’ve been working all month on your clever and timely-themed costume or if you just threw on some ears and called yourself a “sexy cat” this is the place to strut your stuff and dance and drink the night away. There is a $20 cover charge so be sure to bring some cash.

6. Ghost Tours

Step into the world of the paranormal with a ghost tour that will take you around the cities telling tales of the other-worldly. One popular tour takes you through the Wabasha Street Caves. Go on either the Ghost and Graves Tour or the Lost Souls Tour where you’ll be guided through the caves by candlelight hearing stories of ghost sightings and hauntings, visit a graveyard and more. Another ghastly tour is The Real Ghost Tours taking you on a trip to the supernatural in the historic St. Anthony Main district. Learn the history, hauntings, and ghostly sightings beneath the city and in hidden basement hallways.

7. 300 Clifton House

This is the chance to live out your lifelong dream of being part of a ghost hunters crew. Spend the night at the historic, century-old mansion 300 Clifton to learn about the darker side of its history and previous residents. You’ll join the Twin Cities Paranormal Society going from room to room in an attempt to rouse spirits residing in this ancient mansion before you settle in for the night and well, attempt to sleep. If spending the night seems too terrifying you can opt for their Candlelight Tour where you’ll explore the mansion with the current owners and psychic medium, Suzanne Krupp, to uncover the mansion’s history and hear stories of ghost sightings and spirits.

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