Zombie Pub Crawl 2017

*Cue the quote from the movie Land of the Dead

“Dead people…
the recently departed…
Unburied human corpses are returning to life…          
and feeding on the living.
Stay inside.
Do not try
to leave your homes.
They seem to survive by eating human flesh.           
Everyone who dies will become one of them.
If you are bitten, you will just become one of them…
that much sooner.”

The hordes will rise again on October, 14th 2017. The annual Zombie Pub Crawl will be in full force in Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to the Guinness book of world records, it is the “World’s Largest Gathering of Zombies.”

Since starting back in 2005, the ZPC has accumulated thousands of brain-eating (beer-drinking) zombies which have increased exponentially in its first few years and continues to grow every year. The annual event is held in the Warehouse District of downtown Minneapolis. Events include everything from pub crawling and dancing to eating from food trucks and enjoying live entertainment in the blocked off streets of Minneapolis.

Each year zombies try to out-gore each other in hopes for top prizes along with one year’s worth of bragging rights for best zombie costume. ZPC features two outdoor stages, local bar participation with ZPC specials, food trucks spread throughout, and the infamous World Brain-Eating Championships.

If you’re interested in becoming zombified without the hassle of having your brain eaten, check out your local Ragstock store. They are a major sponsorship for ZPC and offer wristbands for the event. In order to obtain a wristband, you have to be sure you already have purchased your ticket on their website. Once your ticket is purchased you can bring that to any Ragstock store to redeem for a wristband while receiving a nice discount on any zombie supplies. Whether it’s a costume, jeans you want to rip up for your own costume, or fake blood Ragstock has you covered (literally in blood if you want.)

Ticket prices range from $39 for general admission to $90 for VIZ (Very Important Zombie). The VIZ ticket entails private viewing areas, private VIZ bathrooms, two free drinks, private VIZ entry to festival grounds, special gift, and snacks.

Every year is a new opportunity for new lineups for live entertainment to take the stage(s) at ZPC. This year certainly aims to please with a variety of artists ranging from all genres. The main headliners will consist of Third Eye Blind, Tech N9ne, T-Pain, and Jillionaire of Major Lazer. There will be dozens of supporting and local artists as well performing throughout the evening.

The event will open its gates for the horde of zombies at 5 pm and will run until midnight. Zombies do not have to go home at that time but, they cannot stay there. Grab your costumes and pour some fake blood all over yourself while you get down with the horde at Zombie Pub Crawl 2017.

Photo Credit: Zombie Pub Crawl 2016

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