Vertical Endeavours: Bouldering in 2018


In an article published a few weeks back by Indoor Rock Climbing in the Twin CitiesVertical Endeavor’s Marketing Coordinator, Ryan Ferrian discussed the unveiling of VE’s newest location in St. Paul early next year.

This will be the sixth location, and will reside near the Prospect Park neighborhood. The new 30,000ft2 facilities are conveniently located near the conversion of Highway 280 and I-94, making accessibility very easy for residents from both Minneapolis and St. Paul. Aside from limited on-campus climbing facilities, this location gives the University of Minnesota students the opportunity to experience climbing close (almost walking distance) to school.

The new facility will consist of Nicros 5.15TM bouldering walls, an extensive fitness & training area, and a multi-purpose fitness studio for various classes along with various programs, including yoga. The facility will also feature a dedicated community lounge area and an expansive pro-shop space. Although this will be VE’s sixth Minnesota Location, it will be the first facility dedicated to bouldering.

But, wait. I thought this was specifically for climbing? What is this “bouldering” then?

Boulding is a bit more user-friendly as far as equipment and requirements go. There are no ropes or extra gear involved because it is utilized upon shorter walls, usually up to 18 feet tall, with a large padded area at the base underneath the wall and climbers. Compared to traditional roped climbing, bouldering is often viewed as a more social sport. This social aspect will be further supported by Vertical Endeavor’s St. Paul Bouldering Community Lounge along with the facilities’ close proximity to local breweries like Surly and Urban Growler.

This exciting addition to the Vertical Endeavors family comes during the 25th anniversary of the company. VE has proudly served the Minnesota climbing community since opening their doors in St. Paul in 1992. Since then, the company has made it a goal to provide people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to experience the thrill of rock climbing both indoors and outdoors.

Ferrian went on to explain that, “…climbing is growing quite rapidly as a sport and it was recently decided that it will now be a summer Olympic sport. VE is very excited to continue serving the local climbing community with more opportunities to practice their sport and pursue their passion.”

So now is a great time to get on board (on wall?).

The VE website has some progress photos and “by the numbers” info.

VE was established in 1992 by Nate and Pam Postma in St. Paul, Minnesota. With more than 25 years experience owning and operating some of the largest indoor climbing facilities in the Midwest, you can expect a professional and enjoyable experience on every visit.

 Stay tuned for future updates.

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