The Twin Cities Best Donuts 🍩

The Twin Cities Best Donuts 🍩

Doughnuts or Donuts? However you spell it, these wonderful, fluffy delights are an essential part of an unbalanced yet tasty breakfast, and any-time-of-day-or-night treat.

According to Wikipedia, Hanson Gregory claims to have invented the familiar ring-shaped doughnut in 1847. He was not a fan of how greasy various formed donuts were at the time, which were also often left raw or uncooked in the center. He punched a hole in the center of his dough with a tin box to avoid leaving any center less than perfect.


Not all donuts are created equal, nor ring shaped for that matter. Today we applaud him as well as the other origins of the donut since Americans consume over 10 Billion donuts every year. Even though the national donut day was on June 2nd we still want to give a shout-out to some of the best donut shops the twin cities has to offer.

The Best Donuts in the Twin Cities

Glam Doll Donuts

Glam Doll originally started on Eat Street in 2013. This is happy dreamland that features local artist’s artwork up on the walls and an old fashioned photo booth. Aside from the wonderful atmosphere Glam Doll Donuts creates some of the best donuts which is equally elegant as they are tasty. Note: Be sure to stop by their newest location in Northeast.


Reworked and revitalized, SugaRush owner Keoni has brought life back to these doughnuts since 2013. Since a nearly failed business occurred SugaRush is alive and well serving up some of the finest doughnuts in the Twin Cities. Stop in for your morning breakfast and grab smoothie to go!

Mojo Monkey

It started with a dream from Lisa Clark. This was to make donuts far beyond average, with the best of ingredients and real people hand crafting quality donuts. Every day starts at 7pm and they don’t finish until the next day around 1 or 2 (in the afternoon). Added bonus: A cup of coffee, the perfect complement to any donut, is only $1.

Angel Food

Known as a little bite of heaven. As you step into the gates of heaven and stumble upon this heavenly establishment, embrace the decor and ambiance. Have a seat at up at the bar and watch these angels in action. Everything is handmade to perfection, including their extravagant wedding cakes.

Bogart’s Donut Company

Bogart’s prides itself on having fresh and delicious doughnuts. They say their menu is small but their flavors are not! Stop into either one of their two locations and see for yourself.

Cardigan Donuts

Cadigan Donuts is more than your average donut bakery. They pride themselves on not only having some of the highest quality and freshest ingredients but they also offer homemade and handcrafted Greek yogurt creations. Start your day off right with Cardigan.

YoYo Donuts

With YoYo origins dating back into the 50’s, this donut establishment has been in the game for awhile. Grandfather and founder Cliff Moquist worked in the dairy industry and originally opened up a retail space called Dairyland which made a special donut every morning. Come on in to learn more about their journey and enjoy quality handmade donuts done the old-fashioned way.

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