7th Street Truck Park: St. Paul’s newest “restaurant”


Take a step back in time within the 7th Street Truck Park, St. Paul’s newest “restaurant” just down the road from the Xcel Energy Center.

After hearing from a close friend of mine about this new concept bar opening, I knew I had to check it out for myself. My friend and I arranged to meet opening night with two of our other close friends knowing we were going to be hungry and thirsty for anything. Little did we know Truck Park had more to offer than we ever imagined, let alone the unique serving style they practice.

Upon my first steps inside the awe-inspiring establishment, a grin was immediately engraved into my face. This truly was a nostalgic step back in time: The walls were covered with ornate decorations, anything and everything from old car parts, vintage beer cans, aged license plates from various states from previous decades, old motorcycle helmets, movie posters, album artwork, the list goes on. The way everything is presented and bestowed upon guests speaks for itself. When trying to explain the way this establishment looks, it may sound like a cluttered garage with car parts haphazardly thrown everywhere. This is not the case: Their decor properly and artistically displayed. Organized clutter, but not overly cluttered.

As Goldilocks would say, “It’s just right.”

Aside from what’s on the walls, the inside seating and bar area represent just what you think a truck park would look like. Picnic tables everywhere, trucks, vans, and RV trailers. It felt like I could have been outside, but like their website says it’s “the great indoors.”

Here’s what it looks like:

Truck Park has one large central bar in the middle with six surrounding “food trucks.” They aren’t typical food trucks you would think, but instead, they are restored RV trailers and trucks renovated to accommodate various food, beverages, and desserts. Each truck offers a different menu of options. From street tacos to ribs to fried chicken to pizza to giant ice cream sandwiches, there are plenty of options to satisfy your hunger.

With these awesome food options, we need something to wash it down. The Truck Yard does not disappoint in the beverage department either. With their respectable selection of tap lines, they also offer a few more unconventional options for thirsty Truck Parker’s like Kool-Aid pitchers and 40oz bottled beers (with paper bag included).

My friends and I decided to try their Kool-Aid. That’s right, Kool-Aid served in a bar in 2017, with alcohol in it. What a time to be alive. What I loved about this drink wasn’t only how they served it, which was in a pitcher that reminded me of the rambunctious Kool-Aid man, but that it was actually tasty. Full disclosure: I’m not a huge sugar fanatic, so I was a bit apprehensive ordering this childhood-gone-adulthood favorite. But it was just right: Not too sweet, nor was it too bitter. The added vodka created a kool experience.

The Truck Park is the perfect place for friends and family (especially before or after an event at the Xcel). There is something here for everyone to enjoy whether you’re a drinker or not. The experience and ambiance are enough in itself to go check this place out.

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