Top Dog Parks


Dogs – we don’t deserve them. They don’t even have to do anything. They can just sit there, simply existing, and they’ve already made our day better. If you don’t own a dog, just Google the word “dog.”

Are you smiling yet?

Being as loyal as they are, dogs are most likely okay with whatever lifestyle you let them live. But as active animals, they like, no, need to get out of the house too. After all, they’re a lot more like us than we think. And a dog park is the best thing for our four-legged friends (other than letting them lick the dinner plate).

Here is a list of the Top Dog Parks in the Minneapolis area.

Andy’s Bark Park

Address: 11664 Dale Rd, Woodbury, MN 55129

Size: approx. 70 acres  

Parking: Parking Lot  

Hours: 6am-10pm  

  • Not completely fenced
  • Mowed walking trails, benches, shelter area with picnic tables, pet watering station, pet waste disposal stations with bags, portable restroom (year-round), trash containers and kiosk

Arlington Arkwright Park

Address: 400 Arlington Ave. E. St. Paul, MN  55130

Size: 5 acres  

Parking: Parking Lot  

Hours: 7am-9pm  

  • Picnic tables and benches
  • Park is also home to a skate park, baseball field, soccer field, outdoor basketball court, and two tennis courts

Battle Creek

Address: 2350 Upper Afton Rd, Maplewood, MN 55119

Size: 35 acre-area  

Parking: Free  

Hours: Dawn till Dusk  

  • Completely Fenced
  • No permit is required
  • Easy-walking, wooded trails, two small ponds and one larger swimming pond that is fenced off, and benches

Bloomington Dog Park

Address: Nesbitt Ave S & W 110th St, Bloomington, MN 55438

Size: 25 acres  

Parking: Parking Lot  

Hours: 7am-10pm  

  • Grassy area, hills, trees, and pond, pet-watering area

Franklin Terrace Dog Park

Address: 925 Franklin Terrace Minneapolis, MN 55406

Size: 1.37 acres  

Parking: Street Parking Only

Hours: 6am-Midnight  

  • Completely Fenced
  • Full of wood chips, which most dogs seem to enjoy and keep you and your dog’s feet dry

Lake of the Isles Dog Park

Address: 2845 W Lake of the Isles Parkway Minneapolis, MN 55405

Size: 1.87 acres  

Parking: Street Parking Only

Hours: 6am-Midnight  

  • Completely Fenced

Loring Park Dog Park

Address: 1382 Willow Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Size: 0.22 acres  

Parking: Street Parking Only-Metered

Hours: 6am-Midnight  

  • Completely Fenced

Lyndale Farmstead Dog Park

Address: 13845 Dupont Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55409

Size: 0.62 acres  

Parking: Street Parking Only

Hours: 6am-Midnight  

  • Completely Fenced

Minnehaha Dog Park

Address: 5399 Minnehaha Park Drive S. Minneapolis, MN 55417

Size: Over 6 acres

Parking: Parking Lot

Hours: 6am-Midnight  

  • Partially Fenced
  • Park extends along Mississippi River, with sandy beach – great for dogs who love to swim
  • Walking trails all over, make sure to stop and check out the waterfall

St. Anthony Parkway Dog Park

Address: 700 St. Anthony Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Size: 2.17 acres  

Parking: Parking Lot

Hours: 6am-Midnight  

  • Completely Fenced

Victory Prairie Dog Park

Address: 4701 Russell Ave N. Minneapolis, MN 55412

Size: 2.62 acres  

Parking: Street Parking Only

Hours: 6am-Midnight  

  • Completely Fenced

Tips for dog owners:

  • For off-leash parks, make sure your dog has a permit
  • Minneapolis residents must get a City of Minneapolis Pet License for each dog before applying for an Off-Leash Permit.
  • You must vaccinate your dog(s) for rabies before buying an Off-Leash Dog Park Permit.
  • Bring disposable bags; some parks don’t have bag boxes or often run out
  • Your dog gets thirsty: Don’t forget the water.