Smash and Destroy at The Break Room

courtesy of The Break Room

Cue the Office Space soundtrack, grab your baseball bat, haul out your most hated electronic, and head over to The Break Room. Theresa Purcell, the Smash Lord Supreme, created what we’ve all been dreaming of: A place to let loose, de-stress, and smash objects to our hearts’ desire.

During her college days, Purcell used to release the stress of finals by smashing and breaking things until she felt better, ready to hit the books and study again. She took this idea and created The Break Room as a much needed outlet for others to come and vent their frustrations in the most gratifying of ways. The Break Room provides all the safety gear and your choice of tools for destruction (which includes bats, hammers, and the ever-so-satisfying sledgehammer). You can bring your own objects to destroy and smash, or you can let The Break Room provide all the goods: dishes, glassware, phones, computers, mirrors, coffee tables, musical instruments, old cars…

courtesy of The Break Room

The Break Room collects it’s breakables by intercepting them on the way to the landfill, and then works with local recycling companies to properly dispose of the objects after the smashing and demolishing. So not only will you feel great from the endorphin rush of obliterating objects, but you can feel good that you’re helping the environment as well.

Whether it’s releasing stress from watching the news, a particularly long day at work, or simply because it’s amazingly fun, The Break Room is what we all need. You can finally live out your Office Space fantasy and check out The Break Room’s website for prices and times.