Places to donate your “other” stuff in the Twin Cities


We Americans can be real gluttons when it comes to stuff. Or maybe we just get overwhelmed by it?

Whatever the reason, many of us have too much and it can be a real drag on our mental energy.

Clothes, mementos, dishes, games, toys, papers, equipment, tools, collections, jewelery, cars, shoes, and more can pile up in our spare rooms, basements, attics, and secret spots!

What we may not think of is what GOOD can be done that that extra stuff that you don’t even remember you have or are not sure how to shed.

Sure, there’s plenty of places to donate clothes, housewares, tech equipment, etc. but what about some oddities, big items, or even your estate?

Turns out, there are plenty of opportunities to donate things like unused disposable diapers, cars, appliances, and even building materials.

Diaper Bank of Minnesota

709 University Avenue West, St. Paul 55014 • (651) 505-3597

Lack of disposable diapers for Minnesota kids is a real threat to well-being for both the infant and the families. Not only does extended wear of dirty diapers contribute to skin rash and infections, inability to provide a daycare with a supply of diapers can make it impossible for parents to work.

This local organization collects opened and non-opened packs of disposable diapers as well as cash and check donations. They are a member of a National Diaper Bank Network, but only serve local needs.

There are diaper dropsites around the Twin Cities, which you can learn more about on their website, or you can even host a Diaper Drive! Diaper Bank of Minnesota Partner Agencies help connect families in need with the diapers that are essential.

Newgate School

2900 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55413 • (512) 378-0177

To learn to do a job, you have to practice — that’s what the Newgate School is all about. For low income young adults, this Twin Cities organization offers tuition-free auto body and auto mechanical training as well as soft skills that will help them succeed once they graduate.

You can donate your car, truck, or van in the time it takes to check your Facebook feed and they may even arrange a tow in necessary cases. Don’t forget to bring your title and lien release (in case there is a loan involved).

From there, they do all the paperwork and you get a donation receipt, not to mention that feel-good-all-day happiness that comes from helping out. They also help single working moms with a Wheels for Women transportation program.

Habitat ReStores

(612) 588-3820 Metro • (715) 760-3456 St. Croix Valley

Redoing your kitchen? Doing some construction on your house and have leftover lumber? Don’t just leave all that stuff in your garage, put it to good re-use at Habitat ReStores. They accept new and lightly used furniture, appliances, home accessories, and building supplies and resell them at a small retail price and proceeds help to grow stronger communities across the globe.

Get rid of these cumbersome items by bringing them to the nearest ReStore or have them pickup large items for free. Call to confirm donation hours or set up a time for pickup.

Money they raise directly benefits families obtain an affordable home and creates opportunities for better outcomes, stability, and independence.

Photos: Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore


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