Pig Ate My Pizza makes Food & Wine’s best pizza list


Food & Wine magazine traveled the country to find the best pizza. Which is probably a pretty sweet gig for whoever got to do the flying/eating/etc. Unless they just spent time going through Yelp reviews and finding the hottest local spots from a desk somewhere in Birmingham.

Who knows? There’s no author listed.

And anyway it doesn’t really matter. It’s an interesting list; always cool to see the differences in something so ubiquitous as pizza from coast to coast.

And it’s hard to argue with their selection from Minnesota: Robbinsdale’s Pig Ate My Pizza. The second offering from the culinary adventurers behind Travail, it was the only local place to make the list of 30 national pizza joints.

The entry looks like this:

Okay, it’s fairly generic description. But what can you expect from a national eat and drink platform the size of Food & Wine? The fact that they found it is good news in and of itself: With only 30 entries, many states weren’t represented at all.

And while accolades are always nice, they don’t taste as good as a slice of pizza anyway. It’s always interesting to try and put into the words the sensations that come from really good flavor, texture, food experience. Really, all we can say is that national recognition just confirms what those lucky enough to live in close vicinity to these places already know.

The most important thing lists like these can do is get you to go and try it for yourself if you haven’t already.

Pig Ate My Pizza is one of many in the Twin Cities to take pizza to the next level. Young Joni, and long before Kim’s Pizzeria Lola, have also been recognized nationally. And Punch Pizza was invited to represent local small businesses at the White House (though that was more political than taste-test. We know President Obama likes Twin Cities burgers and ice cream; unsure of his stance on pizza).

And, there’s our personal favorite for a big, floppy, NYC-style slice, Pino’s Pizzeria, which can only be found in the St. Paul skyway between the hours of 11am and 2pm for lunch. It’s worth the effort to get there.

Validation, sure. A round of applause for our venerable pizza places taking a beloved dish above and beyond.

It’s clear that when it comes to pizza, no matter what, we win.

Read the full Food & Wine list here: Best Pizza Places in the U.S.