A new design for nonprofits – 48in48 arrives in the Twin Cities


48in48 takes the weekend warrior concept to a whole new level. 48in48 creates 48 websites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours. And I thought by finally cleaning the kitchen I was being productive on my weekends.

This organization helps the helpers: The 48 hour event stems from the idea that while nonprofits spend all their time and focus on helping others, their web presence and marketing suffer. During the 48in48 event, talented professional designers, web developers, and writers volunteer their skills to create dynamic and polished websites for nonprofits so they can, in turn, make a more powerful impact in their community.

The Twin Cities is taking part. 48in48 arrives here September 15th-17th at Evolve Workplace. Founders Jeff Hilimire of Dragon Army and Adam Walker of Sideways8 created and developed this unique event in Atlanta that soon expanded to Boston, New York, and next year it’s hopping across the Atlantic to London. Their vision not only includes creating new websites for the nonprofits, but an entirely new marketing strategy for each organization. Leading up to the event, the nonprofits that are narrowed down and selected by the United Way participate for six to ten weeks in marketing, branding, and impact training with the goal of expanding their reach and influence in the community.

Once the event is underway, each nonprofit is assigned a team of experienced web developers, digital professionals, graphic designers, and content writers that work through the 48 hours to create their website. Completely carried out by volunteers, 48in48 provides an incredible opportunity for skilled professionals to give back to their community and assist nonprofits which might not otherwise be able to afford many of these services that could really make the difference for their organization and for those they help. In 48in48’s inaugural event, they gave over $1 million worth of services to nonprofits.

You can be involved and showcase your skills. Knowing how to write computer code is not a requirement in order to volunteer. That certainly would count me out! The opportunities range from checking people in, helping set up and logistics, to volunteering your talents as a graphic designer, project manager, web developer, or WordPress wizard. You can volunteer as part of a team or come as an individual where they will easily partner you up with others. Whatever your skills, you will be helping incredible local nonprofits spread their work further in your own community.

Sign up to volunteer or to learn more about 48in48 check out their website twincities.48in48.org.

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