Minneapolis posts EPA’s deleted climate change data


Minneapolis joins Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, San Francisco and other cities across the country in posting a screengrab of deleted Environmental Protection Agency’s climate data to the official city website.

The data, which was deleted from the EPA’s website after Scott Pruitt, the head of the agency under Donald Trump, said that he doesn’t believe carbon dioxide is a main factor in global warming, had been available since 1997.

Information found in the data includes (potential) causes of climate change, current effects on weather, and everything the government has done thus far to combat this increasingly-dire situation.

From Minneapolis’ website: “While this information may not be readily available on the EPA’s website, in Minneapolis we know climate change is real.”

Which is basically just a big middle finger to the current administration.

But this shouldn’t really come as a surprise: Minneapolis is s city long committed to taking action on climate change, with a “nation-leading” Climate Action Plan and a “first-in-the-nation” Clean Energy Partnership.

If you’re interested in following in the city’s footsteps and sharing the information yourself, this website, climatechangeisreal, helps people republish the data on personal websites and platforms.