Dance: Twin Cities, vol. 1


Now we’re gonna’ cut loose and get footloose. Kick off those Sunday shoes and grab your dancing shoes boys and girls because we’re going to shake it and bust a move in the Twin Cities. From classic and elegant ballroom dancing to EDM fist-pumping-hip-thrust-raging here is a compilation of several venues that offer prime dancing environments and opportunities for those of you who like to drop it low.

*To the tune of A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton:
“Makin’ my way downstairs walkin’ fast, faces pass, and I’m havin’ a blast…”
Honey is located in a basement of the Minneapolis bar Ginger Hop. In its dark depths Honey seems like it’s nothing special as you are walking downstairs into the abyss. Once you arrive at the bottom and gaze upon the lively upbeat nature of the establishment you and your friends will be taken aback by the energy and overall vibe. Although it can be crowded some nights, Honey makes up for it by it’s cocktail and beer selections with a friendly environment, not to mention its awesome weekly and monthly events they host. There is something there for every kind of music lover on various nights during the week, so it’s not only a Friday and Saturday night outing. From Sunday night Sub Sequential featuring dubstep and underground electronic music, to Flip Phone’s monthly parties including music from the 2000’s, to 90’s house party music there is something everyone can appreciate. Honey has character and heart, but remember to get there early and that most nights they have a small cover charge so bring cash.

The Living Room at the W
It’s time to dress up a bit. The W hotel is located on South Marquette Avenue and S 9th street just a few blocks off of Hennepin Avenue in the Foshay Tower. Inside on its first floor you will find The Living Room. This isn’t your average living room to sit down at the coffee table and sift through your phone. In here they like to turn it up and dance it out in an engaging atmosphere. The Living Room is open 7 days a week but the best nights for dancing are on the weekends. This includes a live DJ that starts spinning around 9PM with the best dance music and included events sponsored by Minnesota’s own Hot 102.5 throwback radio station. The best news of all though is that there is never a cover charge.

Clubhouse Jäger
Do you need more dancing in your life? How about almost every night of the week? Clubhouse Jager is your answer. Located on Washington Avenue just outside the North Loop in Minneapolis Club Jager offers something different every night of the week. Although Jager is a little on the small side it packs a big dance-y punch. There are various genre oriented evenings for every music and dancing enthusiast. From MN Mondays featuring music from Minnesota artists while all locally made beers are just $4 or less to the weekly Transmission which is hosted by 89.3 The Current’s Jake Rudh. He always brings the best in the best of new wave, indie rock, synth-pop, electro and everything in between. Check out their schedule online to see what night best suits your taste and groovy needs.

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