Breweries and brewpubs coming soon to Minnesota


Minnesota has put its name on the craft beer map with a consistently growing number of breweries and brewpubs popping up around the metro and rural areas. Today there are currently over 120 breweries in Minnesota alone. In 2011 Minnesota changed its laws to allow breweries to sell directly to consumers through taprooms. With new opportunity and expanding popularity, craft beer has changed the way we drink in Minnesota.

Since the laws have changed along with such a large number of breweries opening up it’s no surprise to imagine that over half of these breweries never existed just 5 years ago. Craft beer is everywhere and we love it. With the boom of craft beer exploding in Minnesota over the past few years how and when will this trend deplete or peak?

In 2016 the number of breweries and brewpubs opened in Minnesota has diminished from previous years, however, they are still popping up throughout the state. Here is a list compiled of a few breweries and brewpubs set to open up around the Twin Cities in 2017:


Broken Clock Brewing Co-op

3134 California St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55418

Broken Clock Brewing Co-op is moving into 56 Brewing’s California St. brewery building. After purchasing the 700-square-foot nano brewery at 3134 California St NE. They hope to reopen the space as soon as 56 moves out and their own licensing and inspections clear. Broken Clock believes that being a brewing cooperative is more than just about making beer. They strive to be the best that they can be by working together with the surrounding community. They are a completely member-owned and operated cooperative run by local Minnesotans. Their plan is to release four different style brews including: Kölsch, Coffee Kölsch, Lavender Infused IPA and Stout.


Waldmann Brewery and Wurstory
Established 1857 & Reestablished in 2017

With a dream brought into reality and a Kickstarter campaign in full swing Stone Saloon has officially rebranded to be known as Waldmann. This is in honor of Anthony Waldmann, the original proprietor of the 1857 German lager house located in St. Paul. Waldmann Brewery and Wurstory is anticipated to open later this fall. They are currently restoring the oldest surviving lager saloon building in the Twin Cities. It is their desire to bring back their popular German-styled lager beer with the warmth of wood fire, lamplight and sausages for all to enjoy.


The Yoerg Brewpub
Yoerg Brewing Company

427 Wabasha Avenue S, St. Paul MN 55107

The Yoerg Brewing Company has finally found a home in St. Paul. Originally this brewery was established before Minnesota became a state in 1848 and now it’s finally making a comeback with its newest brewpub. Currently, Yoerg is working out the details while rebuilding the famous art deco bar, which was formerly known as the Wabasha Bar. Schmidt Brewing Company’s “tied house” originally built the Wabasha Bar in 1910. This meant that the bar could only serve Schmidt Beer. Yoerg will release several styles of beer in 2017 including: Bock, Strong Beer, and their Picnic Beer, which will be unveiled sometime in 2018. The target date for opening its doors is June 1, 2017.


A few other breweries to be on the lookout for include:

Clutch Brewing Company:

Brewmasters Brewing Company:

Pryes Brewing:

Stacked Deck Brewing Company:

Zurbey Brewing:

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