Adidas made a “DPBR” (durable puke and beer repellent) shoe because Oktoberfest


Because sometimes things get spilled. Like drinks, before and/or after they’ve been consumed.

Adidas München’s Oktoberfest sneakers are the answer to the craziness that is Oktoberfest, making a shoe that is, both in design and function, the perfect addition to your lederhosen (for him) or dirndl (for her) outfit.

The shoes are covered with a DPBR (literally, durable puke & beer repellent) coating that makes sure no matter what comes their way won’t stick, and you won’t have to spend the rest of the festival with soggy feet.

But while that’s an easy marketing point, and somewhat tongue-in-cheek funny, it’s also very practical: Anyone who has ever been to the world’s largest Oktoberfest in Munich (or Oktoberfest anywhere) knows how wild/crazy/drunk it gets. Hamburg’s Red Light District, St. Pauli, has experimented with something similar on the walls of public spaces to discourage drunken clubbers from peeing on them (you can imagine the splash-back).

But they’re a pretty hot commodity even without their bodily fluid-resistant capabilities:

“Inspired by the Bavarian leather pants, the adidas München »Oktoberfest« comes with high-quality leather and premium materials. Finest leather with DPBR coating make a durable puke & beer repellent upper. The rich brown colorway of the sneaker is combined with three light brown stripes and speckled laces.”

And, because why not, the word “Prost” (which means cheers in German) is etched in gold lettering along the side.

They look like this:

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And they’ll run you close to $250 (€199.95) online.

Now that you have the right shoes, here is a list of upcoming Oktoberfests in the Twin Cities.


Gasthof’s | Minneapolis, MN | Sep 22 to Oct 14, 2017 (weekends)

Mill City Oktoberfest | Minneapolis, MN | Sep 23, 2017

Black Forest Inn Oktoberfest | Minneapolis, MN | Sep 29 to Oct 8, 2017

Minneapolis Club Oktoberfest | Minneapolis, MN | Sep 16, 2017

Utepils Oktoberfest | Minneapolis, MN | Sep 15 to Sep 17, 2017

St. Paul:

St. Paul Oktoberfest | St. Paul, MN | Sep 15 to Sep 16, 2017

Twin Cities Oktoberfest | Saint Paul, MN | Oct 6 to Oct 7, 2017

Church of St. Matthew Oktoberfest | St. Paul, MN | Oct 7 to Oct 8, 2017

Oktoberfiesta at Pajarito | St. Paul, MN | Sep 30, 2017

Worth traveling:

Gasthaus Oktoberfest | Stillwater, MN | Sep 15 to Sep 24, 2017

Minnesota Renaissance Fest Oktoberfest | Shakopee, MN | Sep 30 to Oct 1, 2017

New Ulm Oktoberfest | New Ulm, MN | Oct 6 to Oct 14, 2017