9th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler

Photo Credit: Aaron Davidson

9th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler

Take me out to the Dab-bler, take me out for the beer. Buy me a ticket and hand me a glass, this event is one you won’t want to pass!

The 9th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler is on the horizon. For anyone who enjoys craft beer, the art of beer making, beer sampling, talking about beer, and most importantly drinking beer, they should attend this awesome experience. This year The Beer Dabbler will be on Saturday the 26th of August from 5 to 9 PM and will take place at The St. Paul Saint’s CHS Field.

Beer enthusiasts will unite for this one-of-a-kind ex-beer-ience. With unlimited access to more than 135 breweries present from various regions across the country, which will sample over 350 beers, there’s an abundance of variety for all beer styles. From ales for almost anyone, to sippin’ succulent stouts The Beer Dabbler has something for everyone.

One thing to keep in mind for this event is that they strongly encourage safe and sober driving. There are several ways to get to this year’s Beer Dabbler which include driving (with a designated driver sober cab), public transportation through metro transit, taxi, Uber, Lyft, and biking just to name a few. The Alt is sponsoring a bike corral at the field where bikers can park their bikes for safe keeping during the event. DDI is a huge sponsor for the event which is similar to Uber/Lyft but they include a designated driver to take you and your car home. Shamrocks and Fitzgerald’s in St. Paul will both offer pre-wristbanding with shuttles to the event so you won’t have to worry about driving to the event and paying for parking. For more information on transportation options for The Beer Dabbler click here.

With peace of mind for everyone traveling to The Beer Dabbler it’s also important to have fun. This goes for everyone sampling beer as well as those just along for the ride and sober cabbing.

As beer is the main attraction for this tasty event, there are plenty of other appealing festivities and interests everyone can check out. While you’re enjoying your lovely lager or partaking in a porter, there are plenty of food vendors around to find the best pairing for your next beer. Dabblers can also take part in activities including: live musical performances, yard/beer related games, and even post event fireworks.

If you really want to take in every moment with what The Beer Dabbler has to offer the VID experience might be what you’re looking for. VID is known as the Very Important Dabblers as well as the Very Important Designated Drivers. It is said that the VID experience is like none other. VID ticket holders will have a full 30-minutes access prior to the general festival to enjoy beer samples as well as a specialty menu buffet within CHS’s Securian Club suite. Included with an endless amount of food and beer is a limited edition Summer Beer Dabbler T-shirt. VID’s are able to join the festival and come and go as they please throughout the event to the designated Securian Club.

Head out to CHS field on August 26th to enjoy The 2017 Beer Dabbler. Remember tickets are limited for this event and most importantly plan for a safe ride home.

Photo Credit: Aaron Davidson

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