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Orange Cones and Flashing Lights: Current MNDOT Projects

Orange Cones and Flashing Lights: Current MNDOT Projects

Constant brake lights and drivers using colorful language can only mean one thing for Minnesota: It's construction season. Lane closures, lane mergers, orange cones and flashing lights are popping up all over Minnesota right...

6 Signs that you are not keeping up with trends in the Twin Cities

Minneapolis and St. Paul are young, vibrant, trendy cities. We've got new businesses, restaurants, and fun activities popping up left and right -- so many of which that it can actually feel quite daunting...
6th Street, Twin Cities Agenda

Along 6th Street in downtown, St. Paul

While St. Paul’s 6th Street is by no means as lively as the legendary 6th Street in Austin, Texas, the mainline running east-west through downtown has slowly become one of the most consistent nightlife stretches in...

Could Minnesota swing red in the next election?

For most people in the state of Minnesota, the idea of this state swinging red for the presidential election is an impossibility: With progressive ideals firmly ingrained in the Twin Cities (with a seemingly...
Catcalling, part two, Twin Cities Agenda

Catcalling in the Twin Cities, part II: Gender and inequality

What was interesting to hear, throughout the discussion that we began in part one, was how many people (men and women both) link the prevalence of street harassment to gender inequality elsewhere in society,...
southwest lrt funding

Federal Funding for Minneapolis’ Southwest Light Rail Line Looks Optimistic

It was in late March of this year that a letter was sent to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, signed by 84 Minnesota republican legislators, requesting that $900 million in funding for the Southwest light rail...
Why Minnesota roads are the way they are

Do they drop bombs here? Why Minnesota roads are the way they are

If you have lived in Minnesota for any amount of time, you have eventually come to the realization that there are only really two seasons here: The first season is called survival, aka winter,...
No Kill Shelter in Minnesota, Twin Cities Agenda

No-Kill Shelters in Minnesota

There are many options for finding a new four-legged friend, from the Humane Society to working with a breeder directly. A new trend starting to heat up is heading to a no-kill...
Moving is the worst, Twin Cities Agenda

Changing Your Address

Your entire life can fit inside a moving truck. Everything you've ever owned tucked away in cardboard boxes. Finding all those socks that you thought you lost. Then they'll go missin again; so many socks...

So you’ve killed the delivery guy. Now what?

You thought the man knocking on your door was most certainly a home invader. A murderer. A zombie, perhaps. You forgot you ordered Jimmy John's and you forgot how freaky fast their delivery is. Or...
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