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The Minnesotans to compete on your favorite reality TV cooking shows

The Minnesotans to compete on your favorite reality TV cooking shows

It’s no secret that Minnesota is home to some incredible chefs and outstanding restaurants. And now, some of the most talented Minnesotans in the culinary world have made their way onto the national stage,...

Minnesota’s 2019 James Beard Award Nominees

It's that time of the year again: The James Beard Award Foundation officially announced this morning the 2019 list of Restaurant and Chef Award semifinalist nominees. There are, of course, a good amount of...
Ranelle Kirchner as a chef in the kitchens of Avignon, France

Stars in My Eyes: A Minnesota Chef in Avignon, France

I remember the day so vividly: Waking up to the golden statue of the Virgin Mary overlooking my window - she stood proud, unadulterated, and poised at the top of a palace...
A picture of the ombibulous logo for Twin Cities Agenda

SPOTLIGHT: Ombibulous in Northeast Minneapolis

"As for me, I am prepared to admit some merit in every alcoholic beverage ever devised... and drink them...

Last Call at Tori St. Paul

A scene: Last Thursday. Walking into Tori Ramen on West 7th Street in St. Paul. John Keenan, the bartender/manager, behind the bar experimenting with ranch/vodka mix in whipped cream canisters to accompany...