A night out with the guys, vol. 1


No girls allowed. Grab your mates and leave your ladies at home this weekend for a fun night out. This week we are kicking off a series of the best night out with the guys and showing off a couple popular places located in the heart of Uptown in Minneapolis.

New Bohemia

Let’s kick things off right with a few biers and brats. After all, you have to fuel yourselves for the long night ahead of you. Although, the wurst thing about tonight will be that you won’t be able to eat every style of bratwurst in one sitting that New Bohemia has to offer. They prepare and serve over 20 different styles of bratwurst along with various appetizers, starters, french fries with an impressive amount of dipping sauce options and the infamous ‘Giant Bavarian Pretzel.’

Bratwurst enthusiasts can choose from three tiers including: classic, premium and adventurous for those who like to live on the edge. These aren’t your typical Johnsonville summer grilling brats either. New Bohemia likes to push the envelope with far-out flavors like: Rattlesnake Rabbit Jalapeño, Wild Boar with Blueberry, and Louisiana Alligator Bayou.

Just when you think your bratwurst selection debacle is hard enough wait until you see their bier selection. With 36 revolving craft beer tap handles on site you won’t know where to start. New Bohemia does an outstanding job bringing in various beer styles both local and from around the country. After you’re done stuffing your faces full of brats and washing it down with a pint or two head over across the street to Up Down.

For more information visit www.newbohemiausa.com

Up Down

Grab your fanny pack, high top shoes and florescent wind breaker jogging suit because you are about to take a step back in time to embark on a nostalgic arcade gaming experience. Up Down, in Uptown, is an 80’s retro-styled, coin-operated arcade bar. From Ms. Pac Man to Frogger to pin ball to skee-ball, Up Down has it all and more. With over 50 arcade cabinets, ten pinball machines, four skee-ball lanes, two Nintendo 64’s (played on projectors) and life-size Jenga & Connect 4 you and your buddies will never get bored.

Along with the abundance of games inside you’ll find an atmosphere oozing of nostalgia from the past several decades. The wallpaper alone reminds you of your childhood with various images, icons and graphics of movie stars, musicians, cartoons, and pop culture. The overall arcade feeling is topped off nicely with dozens of television sets mounted throughout the walls. What makes these so great is that they don’t only play the sports channels. There are enough of them so that gamers are able to check their favorite sports team meanwhile every other TV is playing movies, cartoons, wrestling and/or American Gladiator. What’s cool about that is that everything they have playing is from the 70s 80s 90s and 2000s. So you can catch the Twins game while watching Rick Flaire “Woo-ing” the crowd while playing pinball while drinking a beer.

You read that right, Up Down is a 21+ establishment that also includes a full bar for your favorite cocktails along with a staggering line-up of 60 tap lines. As if you didn’t get enough from New Bohemia. Step right up to the counter and browse there selection from all over the country. If you’re still hungry they offer fresh baked pizza on site everyday.

Remember to game, eat and drink responsibly while planning ahead for a safe ride home!

For more information visit www.updownmpls.com

Photo Credit: Betsy Rudicil

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